In honor of National Best Friend Day, I thought today's power stone totally appropriate. 

• Chakra correspondences: Spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat; opens and stabilizes all chakras
• Physiological correspondences: Spleen, metabolic processes, thyroid and parathyroid glands, liver, bones, teeth, nervous system, calcium utilization, muscles
• Vibration: Earthy; brilliant turquoise Amazonite has a higher vibration than green
Greek mythology chronicles the Amazons, a matriarchal tribe of women warriors who worshiped Artemis, virgin goddess of the hunt, wild places, and the moon. The Greeks believed the Amazons inhabited a mysterious space between the known and unknown worlds. These warlike women were a close-knit sisterhood that valued friendship, courage, and loyalty.
Amazonite was named after the Amazon River rather than the tribe, but the stone carries many Amazonian attributes, including strength, fortitude, and the power of friendship. It helps you integrate masculine and feminine energies and assists you in seeing both sides of a problem before seeking resolution.

Amazonite shields the body from the effects of subtle radiation and electromagnetic frequencies, including Wi-Fi, which depletes the immune systems in sensitive people. The stone also aligns the subtle nervous system with the physical nervous system and may relieve muscle spasm. Because Amazonite resonates with calcium, crystal workers use it to regulate calcium uptake in the body and to balance metabolic deficiencies that create osteoporosis, tooth decay, and calcification.


The green coloring of Amazonite comes from traces of lead, which may explain why, according to the principles of sympathetic magic, it is an effective shield against electromagnetic smog. The stone transforms consequent dis-ease into optimum well-being. Amazonite transmutes destructive emotional patterns and deconstructs ingrained beliefs, encouraging creative thinking to help you consciously create a new reality.

It assists women who have been unable to have children to find other outlets for their creative energy, and helps those who suffer from “empty nest syndrome” redirect their nurturing abilities.
If you need courage to move forward in life and break codependent tendencies, Amazonite encourages independence while drawing supportive friends to you. 

Brilliant turquoise Amazonite has a finer energetic frequency than green. It provides powerful protection when you are exploring the higher realms of consciousness. It disentangles detrimental karmic connections that operate through the higher chakras, freeing your soul energies and reconnecting you to your proper soul group.

To share the power of friendship, give your friends Amazonites. Schedule a regular time when you will think of each other while holding your stones.


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