Power of Abundance - Citrine

This is personally one of my favorite stones...its gorgeous yellow color just lights up like the sun. And as an entrepreneur,  I would not be caught without this (and another prosperity stone Aventurine) some where on my person.  
Citrine Garnet Pendant
 Chakra correspondences: Sacral; cleanses and energizes all chakras
 Physiological correspondences: Detoxification, circulation and energy systems, thymus and thyroid glands, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, female reproductive system
 Vibration: High
Long known as the Merchant Stone, Citrine is associated with abundance and prosperity consciousness. Drawing abundance to you requires mental and emotional focus combined with the
power of intention.
Using Citrine raises your self-esteem, gives you confidence, and helps you to value yourself for who you are rather than what you do or own. It lets you live in the moment rather than dreaming of what might be. Citrine gives you energy to manifest your own reality and to attract everything you need.
Citrine invigorates the body and activates the immune system. Beneficial for degenerative dis-eases, it encourages energy flow and balances hormones.  Citrine-infused water is traditionally used to
alleviate menstrual cramps and chronic fatigue.
Abundance is about living fully on all levels, and Citrine opens your mind to new possibilities in an abundant universe.
Place Citrine in the wealth corner of your home—farthest back and at the left as you enter the front door—to draw in abundance. 
If you tend to procrastinate or are hampered by toxic expectations, Citrine helps you let go of doubt, guilt, fear, or self-pity. It teaches you that what your mind conceives, it achieves. 
Keep Citrine in your cash drawer or purse to attract prosperity

Power Pendants Collection

I recently purchased a new book called 101 Power Crystals (I may use the word gemstone and crystals interchangeably) by Judy Hall (who is considered to be an expert in the gemstone/crystal field with tons of best-selling books on the subject) and the more I read..the more I wanted to share. So I created this new collection. The stones themselves are not related in design or aesthetic..what ties them together is they are all considered to be power stones. Each one has a specific transformational power linked to its metaphysical properties. And sometimes more than one.

I will be posting great knowledge and information about these power stones as well as some gorgeous pendants to soak up some of this luscious powerful transformational energy for yourself.  So hop on over to the blog...learn something new and pick up something glitzy, change your energy, and change your life!

First up in the series is the

  1. Power of Abundance - Citrine
  2. Power of Cosmic Correspondence - Lapis Lazuli
  3. Power of Friendship - Amazonite
  4. Power of Serenity - Amethyst
  5. Power of Longevity - Agates
  6. Power of Successful Love - Emerald


Waist Beads Introduction

African waist beads have a long and illustrious history with many stories and traditions centering around them. These traditions span the centuries. Made from beads in primitive materials such as animal bones & teeth, wood and stone but expanded to include glass, (my favorite) gemstones and ceramics.

Used to trade and even to pay for slaves, gold, property, and other valuable items Africa  for many years, waist beads also had a special significance for women. Women from the Yoruba tribe were said to consider their waist beads to be "of the earth", even the source of life.Waist beads were believed to help protect pregnant women as well as provide birth control.

There are many different names associated with waist beads. Some of these include Giri-Giri, Yomba, Jigida, Jel-Jelli, Bin Bin, Ileke idi and Djalay Djalay.

Waist beads are still worn today not only by African women but women all around the globe. Used as protection from negative energy, they are incorporated with other traditions such as chakra balancing and energy medicine. still wear them today to protect themselves from negative energy.  The colors and materials of beads are chosen very carefully when using for healing properties. However there are some who wear waist beads simply for their beauty and match the colors to their taste.

Waist beads are mad to be worn below the belly. They can be worn on top of clothing, underneath or without clothing. Many women wear them to strengthen their connection with the Divine Feminine. They may also only allow only their spouse or lover to see their waist beads.  However, waist beads are often worn with bathing suits and other fun in the sun clothing. Women of all shapes and sizes wear them. 

Would you like your own made to order waist beads? Contact me..

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