• Chakra correspondences: Base, sacral, heart

• Physiological correspondences: Pituitary gland, metabolism, heart, circulation, lungs, liver, spine, cells, DNA, biomagnetic fields, mineral assimilation

• Vibration: Earthy to high, depending on type

Garnets take many shapes and colors; therefore, this is an extremely versatile group of stones. Steeped in magical power, Garnet has an ancient history. The Talmud states that Noah’s ark was illuminated by a Garnet.
To dream of a Garnet was considered fortunate, as it indicated the accumulation of riches, but at the same time, the crystal was believed to protect against overindulgence and ensure a balanced life.
A crystal of constancy, it was worn by Victorian widows to signify their undying fidelity to their departed spouses; centuries earlier, Garnets were actually buried with the dead. In the language of gems, Garnets indicate loyalty, unchanging affection, and grace, and bring victory to their wearers.
The stone of Archangels Zadkiel, Atrugiel, and Michael, it is linked with the angelic realm of Thrones.

HEALING POWER In medieval times, Garnets were famed for their curative and protective powers, and used to neutralize poison, reduce depression, and calm fever. Under the power of sympathetic magic, red stones were regarded as having anti-inflammatory properties and yellow ones as a sovereign remedy against jaundice. Garnet-infused water aided digestion.
Crystal workers today use Garnet to heal heart problems and to revitalize the entire body. The stone also stimulates the metabolic system and assimilation of vital nutrients. Garnet amplifies the energy of other crystals and is particularly useful in regeneration grids.

Wearing Garnet helps you be faithful to a partner while remaining true to yourself. In ancient times, rounded red Garnets were known as carbuncles, reminding us that they draw festering emotions to the surface for transmutation. With the stone’s assistance, you can convert pain, resentment, and dis-ease into well-being.
Garnet lets you recognize where you may be sabotaging yourself or resisting change, and it gives you the courage to speak out plus the stamina to maintain your transformation. With Garnet’s assistance, you can remain faithful to your purpose. (Note: Garnet is particularly suitable for sensitive people who find Ruby’s energy too strong.)

HARNESSING THE POWER Carry Garnet when it seems you will never achieve your goal. It brings hope and the power to succeed in hopeless situations