Exquisite 83CT Emerald River Pearl, Garnet and Orange Quartz Pendant


Item Description

This exquisite 83ct tear drop rough faceted Emerald pendant is sure to stun. Accented with gorgeous river pearl, faceted pear garnet and orange quartz, it's a definite attention getter.   From tip to tip (not including the bail) the pendant measures 35x15mm and is a whopping 83ct. Emerald is a stone that corresponds to the heart and throat chakra. Emerald is traditionally said to prevent epilepsy and detoxify and stimulate the liver.  Wear Emerald to attract successful love—and keep it once you have found it. This stone has long been believed to ensure a happy marriage

• Chakra correspondences: Third eye, heart
• Physiological correspondences: Eyes, sinuses, lungs, spine, muscles, heart, pancreas,
liver, lymphatic system, malignant conditions
• Vibration: Earthy
In the seventeenth century, Shakespeare referred to Emerald’s power to soothe the eyes: “The deep green emerald, in whose fresh regard weak sights their sickly radiance do amend.” In 1584, Ivan the Terrible believed that Emerald, being of the nature of the rainbow, was an enemy of uncleanness. 
Magical legends have long been associated with this rare and precious gemstone. According to Hebrew tradition, serpents that looked on it went blind. Pliny comments on Emerald’s use as a magnifying lens and tells us that nothing in nature compared to the stone’s intense green: “Neither dim nor shade nor yet the light of a candle, causes them to lose their luster.” 


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