Glitz Kit - Personal Space Clearing Kit


Item Description

  • Personal consultation where we discuss your situation and two crystals that pertain to your need. Divination can be added to this for additional fee.

Physical items included:

  • 1 - Beautiful Abalone Shell for use as a burning receptacle

  • 1 - Smudging Feather to remove negative energy, .

  • 2 - 4" California White Sage Smudge Stick bundle or  2 Palo Santo Sticks - Great for Multiple uses. Continuous burning, with a stress reducing, calming earthy scent.

  • 1 - 7 Stone Chakra Essential Oil Diffuser Meditation Bracelet with porous lava rock, for women or men and perfect for absorbing your favorite fragrances and/or essential oils (not included)

  • 1- Box of 10 HEM Cones for use between sage burning ceremonies to create a consistent positively charged relaxing environment

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