Huge Full Heart Fluorite Palm Stone

Item Description

This is a beautiful non drilled FLUORITE Puffed heart palm stone. You will receive the exact stone shown in the photo.

Approx. weight 4.65 ozs = 131 grams & size is 58x58x23 mm.

This carved and polished crystal fluorite heart is a perfect gift to symbolize love or to keep for yourself. It nestles wonderfully in the palm of your hand for meditating or just touching to clear anxiety.

Fluorite - brings order to chaos, and elevates intuition and mental achievement. It also provides for the purification, cleansing and elimination of disorder, both physical and mental. Various colours have particular effects: blue- orderly thoughts, calm, clear communication; green- cleanses chakras, eliminates negativity from a room; purple- rationality, psychic and spiritual growth.

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