Wire wrapped link Gemstone Chakra Bracelet with Virgo Zodiac Sign Charm

Item Description

Beaded bracelet made with genuine individually wire wrapped gemstone beads, Only love and above vibrations included. {no extra charge for those :-D}. Each gemstone will be carefully selected to represent the seven chakras: 

  1. Root Chakra - Muladhara - Red - located at the base of the spine 
  2. Sacral Chakra - Svadhishthana  - Orange - Located at the genitals
  3. SOLAR PLEXUS - Manipura - Yellow - Located at the solar plexus. 
  4. HEART - Anahata - Green Located at the heart. 
  5. THROAT - Vishuddha - Blue - Located at the throat
  6. THIRD EYE - Ajna - Indigo - Located between the eyes.
  7. CROWN - Sahasrara - Violet/White -Located above the head. 

The bracelet will fit 7.5-8.5in wrist comfortably and will close with a silver plated lobster claw. also included round antique tibetan silver Virgo charm. 

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